One year to go until Global Games 2023 in Vichy France

Group of people representing Virtus Global Games and La Region surround Lorri the Lorikeet mascot

Global Games 2023 Vichy France countdown to one year to go.

At a press conference today, at the Auvergne Rhone-Alpes Regional Council, in Lyon, Virtus Governing Board and members attended the one year to go countdown to the 2023 Virtus Global Games (GG2023).

The Virtus Global Games is the signature event for athletes with intellectual impairment to compete in the highest level, international multi-sport elite competition. Held every four years, GG2023 will be the sixth edition of the Games in Virtus’ 35-year history.

Marc Truffaut, President of Virtus and Fédération Française du Sport Adapte (FFSA), said the journey to reach the one year to go milestone, is made possible with the overwhelming support from the Auvergne Rhone-Alpes Regional Council.

Sandrine Chaix, vice-president of the Region in charge of social action and disability, congratulated the host committee.

“The Global Games are a fantastic opportunity for Vichy, our Region but also France to welcome on its territory of high-level athletes with invisible disabilities. We want to succeed a great mobilization of the public and regional actors so that these games are a unforgettable moment for all. You can count on my personal commitment, and that of the Region, to support this organization, its development and its ambitions. Our athletes deserve it so much! “

“I would like to thank the council and Ms Sandrine Chaix, Vice president of the Regional Council and delegate of social action and disability, for the funding and support to enable FFSA to bring the Virtus Global Games to the region,” Mr Truffaut said.

“For GG2023, we are expecting about 60 nations to bring about 1100 athletes and officials and will look to have about 400 volunteers to support the delivery of the competition in nine sport disciplines.”

“I am also appreciative of the knowledge and support from the previous team at GG2019 in Brisbane, and for bringing Lorri to be the GG2023 Mascot.”

Robyn Smith, Vice President of Virtus and CEO of Sport Inclusion Australia said the Virtus Global Games is more than elite competition, it is the way Virtus can support athletes with intellectual impairment to demonstrate their courage, character, excellence, and integrity.

“It is especially exciting to know that Lorri, who was the first mascot for Global Games in Brisbane in 2019, will continue to be part of the Virtus Games legacy,” Ms Smith said.

“Lorri was designed by a Brisbane school student to represent the excitement, colour, individuality, and inclusivity of the Global Games.”

“From the first moment Lorri came to life, people loved engaging with the mascot and Lorri is one of the most memorable experiences for the athletes also.”

The Virtus Global Games 2023 will be held in Vichy France from 4 -10 June 2023. In a year’s time, Lorri will proudly welcome athletes, their families, and friends from around the world to this beautiful region to compete against the best French athletes.

In attendance at the one year to go countdown launch were over 50 members from the Virtus community, including the Virtus governing board members, international federation members, and national member organisations representing every region.

Congratulations to everyone here involved in the planning of Global Games 2023.

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