Latest Virtus Tennis rankings now available

Following completion of the Virtus tennis programme for 2023, we are pleased to update the World Rankings. Congratulations to all players who participated during the year and we look forward to another exciting season which kicks off during the Australian Open in Melbourne in January.

Empowering Inclusive Volunteerism: A GG2023 Legacy Story

Virtus wishes all the volunteers a very happy International Volunteers Day!

Volunteers are the unsung heroes of all the Virtus events. Their dedication and selflessness play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of these grand spectacles. From assisting with logistics to running the event, volunteers provide invaluable support that allows athletes to shine and spectators to enjoy a seamless experience.

A total of 249 volunteers dedicated their time and energy, with a notable 110 of them having intellectual impairments and/or autism. This remarkable inclusion marks a significant step forward in the journey of employing individuals with intellectual impairments in Virtus events. Some of these volunteers were also retired athletes with intellectual impairments who were supported by the LOC (Local Organizing Committee) – French Federation Of Adapted Sport (FFSA) to thrive in their post-sport life.

This inclusive journey had its genesis during the 2018 Summer Games in France when the FFSA introduced individuals with disabilities into voluntary roles to help run the event. These volunteers, some registered with medical or social institutions, while others participated independently or accompanied by relatives, proved that with a little support, they could contribute meaningfully to the event.

Talking about this wonderful practice, the president of FFSA, Marc Truffaut said,

“FFSA was thrilled by the positive outcomes from the 2018 volunteers programme and sought to further integrate individuals with disabilities into event organizing, making it a part of their 2022-2025 federal project. This project focuses on shared legacies between the 2023 Global Games and the 2024 Paralympic Games, with a specific emphasis on involving people with disabilities in event organization.”

The road to inclusion involved extensive communication and support. Video information meetings were held, followed by ongoing email and telephone correspondence to reassure and aid the volunteers in their experience. Many volunteers came with their institutions, often with a professional accompanying them. These medical professionals were thoroughly briefed, equipping them with essential information about the event and their roles. On-site, the volunteers’ immediate supervisors took charge of their training and preparation.

Photo Credit: T.NGUYEN

The volunteers with intellectual impairments and/or autism took on a range of roles, including welcoming spectators, ticket checking, technical support to run events, acting as signallers during road cycling events, contributing to sustainable development initiatives, assisting with catering, working in the event merchandise shop, and helping with equipment setup and removal, as well as accreditation and welcome bag preparation for athletes.

Efforts are being made by FFSA to include people with intellectual impairments as volunteers at the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games, which can open new opportunities for people with intellectual impairments.

The legacy of GG2023’s volunteer program extends beyond the event itself. It is a testament to the power of inclusion, the strength of collective effort, and the transformative impact of individuals who selflessly dedicate their time and skills to make these sporting events truly extraordinary.

Their contributions, often behind the scenes, are a testament to the power of collective effort and the importance of community in the world of sports.

Cristiano Pereira Surfaced As The Ultimate Half Marathon Champion at Lisboa 2023

The 2023 Virtus World and European Half-Marathon pushed off from the second of December in Lisbon, Portugal. The competition was organised by ANDDI Portugal alongside the tenth edition of the famous ‘Tranquilidade Meia Maratona dos Descobrimentos’. The event was first organised in 2013.

In a remarkable display of determination and skill, Cristiano P. Pereira achieved an extraordinary feat in the Men’s II1 Half-Marathon. He not only triumphed over mainstream runners but also surpassed para runners, securing the prestigious title of European champion VIRTUS.

Cristiano’s victory, occurring on the International Day of People with Disabilities, serves as a powerful example of the incredible achievements individuals with disabilities can attain when provided with a platform to showcase their talent.

During the Half Marathon of the Discoveries in Lisbon, he not only claimed victory but also shattered the world record for the T20 class by completing the half-marathon in an impressive 1h06m31s time.

Athlete at the starting mark for the marathon. Photo Credit: ANDDI

In the Women’s II1 marathon, Poland’s Anna Bodziony secured the top spot on the podium with a remarkable time of 1:29.41, while Monika Wyrobek claimed a well-deserved second place, clocking in at 1:31.10sec.

Winners of Men’s II3 and Women’s II1 marathon races. Photo Credit ANDDI

In the Men’s II3 marathon, Denmark’s Alexander Nielsen claimed the gold medal with an impressive time of 1:06.39, setting a stellar pace. Italy’s Luca Venturelli secured the second spot with a commendable time of 1:12.07.

Shifting to the Men’s II1 10 km, Jose Martinez Morote from Spain emerged as the champion with a swift time of 33.10, showcasing remarkable speed and endurance. Portugal’s Cristiano Silva Pereira secured a close second with a time of 33.33, closely followed by Denmark’s Mohamed Hers at 33.34.

(L-R) Cristiano Silva Pereira, Jose Martinez Morote and Mohamed Hers. Photo credit: ANDDI

Full results can be accessed from here.

Virtus calls on IPC and IF’s to increase Paralympic inclusion

Marking the occasion of the 2023 International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Virtus has once called upon the Paralympic family to honour its commitment to increasing the representation of athletes with an intellectual impairment in the Paralympic Games.

In 2017, the IPC membership passed a motion which mandated greater inclusion which could be achieved through additional sports, additional medal events or additional eligibility classes, but to date no such change has been agreed.

Marc Truffaut, Virtus President said, “When the Virtus Governing Board met recently, we discussed the work that has been done by Virtus in this area, but ultimately the decision and responsibility lies with IPC and the International Federations of sport”.

“Our priority is the inclusion of Nordic and Alpine Skiing in the 2030 Winter Paralympic Games and we call upon the Federation of International Skiing- FIS to share this commitment in their plans which must be submitted to IPC by the end of January 2024. Secondly, we would also like to see basketball added back to the Summer Games programme for athletes with an intellectual impairment”.

“And Virtus will continue to work closely with several International Federations who have indicated a willingness to target inclusion in future Games helping to develop classification systems and growing the competition base”.

Earlier at the 2023 Virtus Global Games in Vichy, France, President of the International Paralympic Committee, Andrew Parsons, also shared how important athletes with intellectual impairments are for the Paralympic movement.

“At the IPC, we are committed to working with Virtus and international federations to develop greater opportunities for athletes with intellectual impairment to compete at the highest level in the Paralympic movement,” said Andrew Parsons.

“It gives me great satisfaction that this time we are seeing for the very first time II1, II2 and II3 classes here. Congratulations to Virtus, this is such an achievement. And make no mistake, athletes with intellectual impairment,  trisomy 21, Down syndrome, athletes with autism, YOU EXIST and therefore you are important for the International Paralympic Committee.”

Athletes with an intellectual impairment are the largest impairment group by number worldwide but the least represented in the Paralympic Games. Currently, athletes are eligible for a limited medal programme in athletics, swimming and table tennis.

Parapan Debut World Record for Samuel at Santiago 2023

The Santiago 223 Parapan Am Games concluded the events for athletes with intellectual impairments, with Brazil maintaining its dominance and securing the top spot on the medal tally.


Anticipation ran high for a thrilling showdown between Brazil’s Oliveira Samuel and Obando Jhon Sebastian (COL), the fastest men emerging from Thursday’s heats. The audience was not disappointed as Oliveira and Obando engaged in a fierce battle throughout the race.

Samuel Oliveira at Santiago 2023. Photo Credit: NPC Brasil

Clocking in at 46 seconds, Samuel who is competing in his first Parapan games, clinched the gold, outpacing Obando by 0.31 seconds. Notably, Oliveira shattered the World Record, setting a new mark at 46.48 seconds, surpassing Daniel Martin’s 2019 record.

Expressing his joy, Samuel remarked,

“I never imagined I could beat Daniel’s (Tavares) record. I always train with him and this is a dream that is being realized. It’s a lot of happiness, I can’t even describe what I’m feeling,”

Rodriguez Luis Felipe (VEN) settled for the third spot.


Ana Soares at Santiago 2023. NPC Brasil

Ana Soares (BRA) exceeded expectations at the Santiago 2023 Parapan Games. Adding another gold to her collection in the S14 100m Butterfly finals, Ana achieved a remarkable hat-trick of gold medals. Her victory in the finals was comfortable, outpacing competitors Salina Citli (MEX) and Morrier Justine (CAN).

Virtus congratulates all the winners and hopes to see them in the 2026 Virtus Americas Games in Peru. 

Colombian Champions Shines in Para-Athletics While Brazilians Maintain Pool Dominance

In an absolute triumph, Colombian athletes dominated the para-athletics stage. The formidable duo of Murillo Maria Alejandra and Obando Jhon Sebastian secured two additional gold medals for their nation, elevating Colombia’s medal tally at the Santiago 2023 Parapan Am Games.

(L-R) Vera Leonela, Murillo Maria and Vivenes Diana. Photo Credit: NPC Venezuela, NPC Colombia and NPC Dominican Republic

The T20 Women’s 400m featured fierce competition between Murillo Maria Alejandra, Vera Leonela Coromoto (VEN), Da Silva Antonia Keyla (BRA), and Vivenes Diana Carolina (DOM) for a place on the podium.

Murillo (56.25 sec) claimed the championship title, defeating Vera (57.36 sec) and establishing a new Parapan Am Games Record. Keyla (58.68 sec) narrowly missed bronze, edged out by Vivenes (58.51 sec).

(L-R) Obando Jhon Sebastian, Chala Roberto Carlos and Vucsics Noah Elijah. Photo Credit: NPC Colombia, NPC Ecuador and NPC Canada

The excitement echoed in the men’s long jump, where Vucsics Noah Elijah (CAN) initially seemed poised for gold with a jump of 6.74m. However, Obando Jhon Sebastian (COL), starting on a seemingly weak 6m jump, staged a phenomenal comeback in the second jump, soaring to 7.22m, shattering the Games record and securing a well-deserved gold.

The only other jumper who was able to cross the 7m mark was Ecuadorian Chala Roberto Carlos, recording his best with 7.08m and claiming the silver. Vucsics Noah Elijah (CAN) settled for the bronze with 6.96m.

“I didn’t quite jump to the quality that I wanted to, today. I knew this was going to be a challenging one, given the time of year,” Vucsics told the Canadian Paralympic Committee.

“But I’m really happy. It was a great learning experience for me. Going forward to the Paralympic Games, this is definitely the experience I needed,” he further added.

(L-R) Yepez Frank Peter, Congo Jordi Patricio and Valdes Ronny Rafael. Photo Credit: NPC Ecuador

In Men’s F20 Shot Put, Ecuadorian throwers showcased dominance in Men’s F20 Shot Put, with Congo Jordi Patricio leading from the first throw (14.77m) and clinching gold with a winning throw of 15.52m in the third attempt. He was joined by Yepez Frank Peter (14.20m) and Venezuela’s Valdes Ronny Rafael (13.43m) on the podium for second and third place.



Ana Soares and Carneiro sisters congratulating each other on their victory. Photo Credit: NPC Brazil

Brazilian women continued their medal sweep in the 200m Individual Medley. Ana Soares, Beatriz and Debora Borges battled each other for the spots and had a neck-to-neck finish where Ana (2:37.35 sec) won the gold. Beatriz tried her best to claim another silver and repeat the podium finish from the first day, but Debora defeated her sister by 0.07sec.

(L-R). Macdonald Tyson, Gabriel Bandeira and Maidana Lautaro. Photo Credit: Santiago 2023

While others are trying to find a spot on the podium, Gabriel Bandeira has a completely different game going on and seems to be chasing the Games record. In S14 Men’s 200m Individual Medley, Bandeira swims out with another Parapan Am record yesterday with 2:10.59 sec, winning his fourth gold from the games.

Macdonald Tyson (CAN) won his first silver from the event while Maidana Lautaro (ARG) settled for the bronze.

“It feels great to get an upgrade from the bronze.. haha…nah, it was a great race. I am pretty sure that this was the second fast I have ever been in my life in that event so I could not be happier with how this event turned out and the entire games,” Tyson told the Canadian Paralympic Committee. 

As the games

Poleth Mandez and Guarin Samuel Shines At Para Athletics: Santiago 2023

The Centro Atlético Mario Recordón stadium came alive as Para athletics events took center stage at the Santiago 2023 Parapan American Games.

Poleth Mandez and Padilla Grecely in action. Photo Credit: NPC Ecuador

In the F20 Women’s Shot-put, Virtus and Paralympic Champion, Poleth Mandez, threw her way to gold, displaying sheer dominance. Not only did she secure the top spot with throws of 13.81m, 13.84m, and 13.91m, but she also shattered her own Parapan Am record not once, but thrice. A phenomenal feat that left spectators in awe.

Padilla Grecely Eliany (ECU) and Vivenes Diana Carolina (DOM) claimed the silver and bronze. Vivenes won the second medal for Dominic Republic from the games, making her win a historical one.

(L-R) Guarin Samuel, Barber Michael Patrick and Rivera Carmelo. Photo Credit: NPC Colombia, NPC Canada and NPC Puerto Rico

The T20 Men’s 1500m was no less thrilling, with Guarin Samuel (COL), Michael Patrick Barber (CAN), Carmelo Rivera (PUR), and Luis Arturo Paiva (VEN) battling it out. In a nail-biting finish, Guarin Samuel stormed across the finish line in 4:10.71 sec, securing the gold.

Michael Patrick Barber, who clinched the silver, shared his excitement,

“I really wanted to come out here and improve what happened four years ago, so I can’t complain. This silver is a testament to hard work and determination.”

Barber who finished sixth in Lima 2019, was thrilled to win the silver.

I was really happy with it, I really wanted to come out here and improve what happened four years ago, so I can’t complain,” Barber told Canadian Paralympic Committee.

Carmelo Rivera made history by winning Puerto Rico’s first medal at the games. Rivera reflected on his journey, saying,

“In the race of life, trust that God is guiding you every step of the way. Challenges are opportunities to demonstrate your strength, knowing that he is on your side.”

More actions are coming up from both para-athletics and para-swimming venues today from Santiago 2023.

Full results can be accessed from Santiago 2023 website.

Beatrice Joins Gabriel in Record-Breaking Triumph at Santiago 2023

Historic moments continue to unfold at the Santiago 2023 aquatic venue for the third consecutive day.

In the Women’s category, the Carneiro sisters, Debora and Beatrice, engage in a dramatic and emotional showdown in the 100m Breaststroke.

Beatrice (1:14.98 sec) avenges the 2019 Lima Parapan Games by defeating Debora (1:15.02 sec) and sets a new record, surpassing her identical twin’s achievement.

Beatrice and Debora Carneiro with their coach (L) and Salinas Citli (R). Photo Credit: Debora Carneiro and Federación Mexicana de Deportistas Especiales

“I hit the 1:14 mark for the first time in my life and became the champion so I am very very happy. We both (Debora and Beatrice) won medals and shared the podium together as we anticipated before the race during lunchtime,” Beatrice shared in an interview with the Brazilian Paralympic Committee.

I finished just after her with a very little difference. We both are very happy. We were anxious before the race but it all worked out well,” Debora added.

A fierce battle for the third spot ensues between Salinas Citli (MEX) and Justine Morrier (CAN). Justine narrowly misses the bronze by 0.02 microseconds, conceding the third position to Citli.

(L-R) Elian Araya, Gabriel Bandeira and Oswald Yzarra. Photo Credit: NLTC Natación Competitiva , Saulo Cruz/CPB and fondeporte ind.

Gabriel Bandeira secured a remarkable double hat-trick, claiming Gold medals and breaking records at Santiago 2023. In the 100m Breaststroke, Bandeira set his third Parapan Am Games record with an impressive time of 1:07.42 sec, securing another well-deserved title.

Elian Araya (ARG) closely follows Bandeira, earning the second spot on the podium with a time of 1:12.26 sec. Oswald Yzarra from Venezuela clinches the bronze, edging out Trevor Lukacsko (USA) by a mere 0.59 microseconds.

The spotlight now shifts to Para-athletics events, with T20 Men’s 1500m and F20 Women’s Shot-put categories. The excitement at Santiago 2023 continues to build.

Full results can be accessed from Santiago 2023 website.

Bandeira sets another Parapan record at Santiago 2023

Brazil’s aquatic dominance continues on the second day of the Santiago 2023 Parapan American Games, with Gabriel Bandeira and Ana Soares making waves once again.

Gabriel Bandeira on the victory stand at Santiago 2023. © Saulo Cruz/CPB

In the S14 Men’s 100m Backstroke, Bandeira not only stormed to victory with a time of 58.79 sec but also shattered the Parapan Am Games record, narrowly missing the world record by just 1.91 seconds.

The competition for second and third place was intense, with Garcia Juan (COL), Macdonald Tyson (CAN), and Maiden Lautaro (ARG) putting on a thrilling show. Garcia secured the silver with a time of 1:02.65 sec, followed closely by Tyson (1:03.57 sec) and Mautaro (1:03.69 sec).

“Super happy to win the bronze medal. The second medal for me, I had a great race in being the second fastest this morning. Couldn’t be happier,” Tyson told the Canadian Paralympic Committee.

“I got a lot more events left in my schedule and I am excited for them. I just hope it’s motivating everybody else that’s behind the blocks,” he further added.


Claiming her second gold at the games, Ana Soares dominated the S14 Women’s 100m Backstroke with a time of 1:09.96 sec. Despite facing stiff competition from Mexico’s Salinas Citli, Ana remained undefeated, leaving the nineteen-year-old Mexican swimmer elated with her first medal.

Ana Soares flaunting her Gold. © Saulo Cruz/CPB

In the same event, Van Dyk Emma (CAN) clinched the Bronze, expressing her excitement for the achievement and noting the increased fun and camaraderie at this edition of the Parapan Games.

“It definitely feels good to win the bronze. I dropped two seconds so overall it was a great swim.”

Van, who is competing in her second Parapan Games says the current edition ‘is a lot more fun, there are more countries and athletes so more people to talk to’.

As the S14 100m Breaststroke approaches, all eyes are on Brazil to see if they can further augment their gold medal count. Stay tuned for more thrilling action at Santiago 2023.

Full results can be accessed from Santiago 2023 website.

Brazil dominates the first day of Santiago 2023 Parapan American games

The 2023 Santiago Parapan American Games were declared open on 17th November in Estadio Nacional. Nearly 2,000 athletes from 31 participating countries proudly paraded with their flags during the Opening Ceremony at Estadio Nacional of Chile. The stands, filled with over 15,000 spectators, echoed with cheers and applause.

Addressing the crowd and athletes, Jaime Pizarro, the Minister of Sports and President of Santiago 2023 Parapan American Games said,

Today is a historical milestone for Chile, there is a lot of excitement to have this version of the Games, in which the best of high performance will be shown

Requesting the crowd, he further added,

“Support the Para athletes, because everyone who has played sports, regardless of whether it was professional or amateur, knows what it means to perform in a full venue. Let’s encourage them to reach their maximum potential

Opening ceremony. Photo Caption: Santiago 2023

The vibrant colors of national jackets, like light blue for Argentina and yellow for Brazil, created a captivating contrast. Embodying the Paralympic spirit, athletes formed a close-knit community, exchanging pins and sharing cultural moments as they awaited their moment to shine in the upcoming competitions until November 26.


(L-R) Beatriz BORGES, Ana SOARES and Debora BORGES celebrating their win in 200m Freestyle at Santiago 2023. Photo Credit: Comitê Paralímpico Brasileiro. © Washington Alves/CPB

On day one of the swimming competitions, Brazilian women claimed a podium sweep in the 200m Freestyle, with Ana Soares (2:17.66), Beatriz Carneiro (2:21.16), and Debora Carneiro (2:22.46) securing the top three spots.

Gabriel Bandeira in action (L) and giving his iconic winning pose (R). © Washington Alves/CPB

Paralympic Champion and Virtus Ambassador – Gabriel Bandeira set a new Parapan Am Games Record in his debut Parapan Games. He clocked 1:56.30, to clinch gold, defeating Colombia’s Garcia Juan (1:57.28). Macdonald Tyson (CAN) secured the bronze with a time of 2:01.61.

Table Tennis

Winners from Men’s Singles. (L-R) MARTINEZ Denisos (VEN), SIMOES Thiago (BRA), ROSAS Armin (CHI) and SUQUILLO Angelo (ECU). Photo Credit: Comitê Paralímpico Brasileiro-Cis Mattos

In the Men’s singles (Class 11) Semifinals, SIMOES Thiago (BRA) clashed with ROSAS Armin (CHI) in Match 1. Simoes secured a 3-1 victory, leading in the first match (11-6). Despite a comeback from Rosas in the second match (6-11), Simoes dominated the next two matches (11-1, 11-7) with determination, earning his spot in the finals. In Match 2, MARTINEZ Denisos (VEN) defeated SUQUILLO Angelo (ECU) convincingly with a 3-0 win.

The ultimate showdown for the gold medal took place between SIMOES Thiago (BRA) and MARTINEZ Denisos (VEN). Despite a tough fight, Denisos couldn’t withstand Simoes’s aggressive play, and Simoes emerged victorious with a 3-0 triumph.

Full results can be accessed from Santiago 2023 website.