It’s a World Record but not my personal best

Tokyo 2020 Paralympian Pernilla Lindberg from Sweden claimed her second Virtus World Record at the European Summer Games 2022 (VESG 2022). Pernilla broke the Women’s II1 800m Freestyle with 9:22.52 and the Women’s II1 400m Freestyle with 4:34.19

However, the swimmer was not happy with her performance.

“I know it’s a World Record but I am not happy about it because it is NOT my personal best.”

Pernilla explained to Virtus that she had swum faster in a previous event, however, that had not been recognised as a World record, and so was looking to go one better in the European Summer Games.

Pernilla Lindberg posing with Eva Coronado after their race. P.C- Roger Lindberg

In addition, the Swedish swimmer won Gold in Women’s II1 100m Backstroke and was delighted with that performance after setting a Swedish record, which is also her personal best.

“Pernilla always focuses on giving her personal best” said Pernilla’s coach and father, Roger Lindberg.