It’s raining Virtus World records

Besides the temperature in the city of Cracow, what else is rising? The performance of Virtus athletes!!

Three more World Records were broken today in the II1 swimming events (short course).

French swimmers broke two records in one race

The French relay team toppled the previous Virtus World record by clocking 1:42.62secs. Maillet Nathan, Blaise Simon, Daniel Matthys and Meny Jordan had been practising relay together since 2016 and they were thrilled with their achievement today.

“It’s our first time breaking a world record and we are really happy as well as surprised! It’s a wonderful moment for all of us,” said Meny Jordan.

“I was the finisher and I’m very happy because I beat my previous record. I was very surprised when I finished the race because not only did we win the Gold, we broke the world record!” Daniel Matthys added.

Double celebration for Nathan Maillet

Nathan Maillet from the French relay team

The relay race was particularly special for Nathan as he broke two records in the same race – the relay record and an individual event record.

While trying to do the best for his team as the starter, Nathan swam the best 50m freestyle race under pressure and cracked the Virtus World Record for men’s II1 50m Freestyle.

“The strategy for any relay race is to take a lead in the first 50m. So I was just trying to swim as fast as I can for my team and I’m surprised to break the world record. I am filled with joy.”

Spanish swimmers finish with a blaze

The Spanish II1 women’s relay team gave another thrilling performance to the crowd today by breaking their second relay record. Coronado Tejeda Eva, Galache Arellano Ariadna, Zalve Maier Sara and Perez Suarez Laura once again showed a stunning team effort by setting the new record in the Women’s II1 4x50m Freestyle relay with the timing of 2:01.93secs.

“After breaking the records yesterday, I believe the girls gained much spirit and confidence which helped them create this new record”,  the Spanish team coach Celia mentioned.