Virtus Upholds Integrity and Fair Play at Vichy: GG2023 Legacy Story

The conclusion of the 2023 Virtus Global Games in Vichy-France marked the culmination of a remarkable gathering, uniting athletes from over 45 countries across all continents. With a participation of more than 900 athletes, the event featured competition and inspiration across thirteen sports, including three Paralympic pathways: swimming, athletics, and table tennis.

Virtus spared no dedication or effort in ensuring the cleanest edition of the Global Games. Working through the Organising Committee, Virtus Anti-Doping actively engaged on multiple fronts, encompassing testing and education. In terms of testing, Virtus conducted over 30 tests, screening athletes from diverse sports disciplines, ensuring fairness and balance for all participants in the event.

All tests adhered to the standards and procedures outlined by WADA and Virtus, prioritizing the quality of work and the safety of athletes. Virtus collaborated with French anti-doping authority Agence Francaise de Lutte contre le Dopage (AFLD) and National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs), along with the LOC health coordinators in a collective effort to promote clean sport.

Virtus Anti-Doping officer, Juliana Soares, who was leading the Virtus Anti-Doping team said,

“We believe in the potential of our athletes, and our role here is to protect clean and fair athletes. For this, we need to stand together with them, guiding them through ethical values and providing useful and necessary information for a well-rounded career. We were present in Vichy every day, engaging in conversations and imparting knowledge on how to be a clean athlete.

On the education front, this edition marked a significant milestone as the first to implement educational initiatives for all sports at the event. The Virtus Anti-Doping team actively engaged with coaches, providing them with relevant information to help prevent inadvertent doping when there is no intention to do so.

Virtus is unwavering in its commitment to Clean Sport, and initiatives like these form part of an ongoing project to progressively shape the behaviour of athletes, support staff, and the internal technical team, fostering a collective effort for Clean Sport.