Virtus Board Members received warm welcome from Japanese Paralympic Committee ahead of the Virtus General Assembly

The Vice Chair of the Japanese Paralympic Committee, Mr. Masaki Fujiwara, welcomed Virtus Governing Board Members to Japan.

Mr. Fujiwara welcomed everyone acknowledging the Global Games 2019 and Virtus Oceania Asia Games 2022 in Brisbane, and this year’s Virtus Global Games 2023 in Vichy France, highlighting the opportunities for participation for Japanese athletes.

He went on to mention the success of a recent event in Kagoshima for Japanese athletes with a disability and the Asian Para Games 2023 in Hangzhou. Mr. Fujiwara acknowledged the numbers of athletes with intellectual impairment participating in both events, particular the Kagoshima Games, and the importance of these events for the health and wellbeing of athletes.Mr. Fujiwara said it was an honour to have the Virtus Governing Board in Japan to conduct the General Assembly and hopes the leadership team will have good meetings and an opportunity to appreciate the sights of Japan.

Marc Truffaut, Virtus President thanked the Japan Paralympic Committee, Virtus Board Member in Japan Hiroaki Taniguchi, and Toshi Saito from All Nippon Intellectual Disability Sports Association (ANISA), for the welcome and hospitality. Mr. Truffaut also invited Japan to one day host a Virtus Regional or Global Games.

The Virtus Governing Board members are meeting to discuss strategic priorities for organisation, growing Virtus competitions and the Global Games. There is impetus to discuss pathways development in the decade ahead that aims to see elite athletes with an intellectual impairment have more access and opportunities at international competitions including Paris2024, LA2028 and towards Brisbane 2032.

Further information on the outcomes of the General Assembly will be shared in due course.