Portugal hoping to dominate team events at GG2023

By Callum Burchett and Mousumi Mazumdar for Virtus

Portugal has proven their dominance in all three team sports- handball, basketball, and futsal so far at different regional and Global Games. Their championship victories in these disciplines showcase their skill and talent on the international stage.


Futsal, the fast-paced and skilful indoor variant of football, will once again take centre stage at the highly anticipated Virtus Global Games 2023. With adrenaline-pumping matches and unforgettable moments, the tournament will once again be a testament to the power of sport in promoting inclusion and celebrating the abilities of all athletes.

The Virtus Global Games 2023 futsal tournament sets the stage for a high-energy display of skill, teamwork, and sheer passion for the game. The competition will feature teams from various nations, from Portugal to Australia, and will include powerhouse squads that have honed their skills through rigorous training and dedication.

Previous editions of the Games and the teams’ performances on the world stage in recent times give rise to the potential of the 2023 Games to be the most entertaining yet. The 2019 Global Games in Brisbane saw France and Portugal top the respective group tables – Portugal in particular boasting a goal difference of +22 and eventually taking home the gold medal. This year, France will be hoping to overcome the Portuguese to be crowned champions; but there are plenty of other teams in their way.

Poland scored an incredible 30 goals across in the 2019 Virtus Futsal tournament, and with an established pedigree in the games from their results in previous years, could be a force to be reckoned with. Australia will be hoping to bounce back from their disappointing showing in their home tournament in 2019, whilst Spain are perhaps the team to look out for, heading to the games this year – can they harness some of their nation’s futsal and football prowess to surprise a few people?


Portugal, the reigning champions from the 2022 European Games and GG2019, will aim to defend their title once again in the upcoming tournament. In the men’s category, the Portuguese team showcased their dominance by defeating Australia with an impressive score of 94-68 at the Brisbane Games.

Meanwhile, at GG2019, the French team secured the bronze medal by defeating Poland with a commanding score of 88-48 in the bronze medal match. Additionally, France also achieved success at the 2022 European Championship, where they earned a silver medal.

These performances highlight the strength and competitiveness of Portuguese, Australian and French teams. As they prepare for the upcoming tournament, they will undoubtedly be strong contenders to watch out for.

Winners from GG2019 Basketball – Japan

The upcoming GG2023 will witness another clash between long-standing rivals, Japan and Australia. These two nations have a history of facing each other in the finals of previous Virtus Global Games tournaments. In Ecuador 2015 and Italy 2011, Australia emerged as the victors in their encounters with Japan. The matches resulted in scores of 8-6 and 65-42 in favour of Australia, respectively. However, the tide turned in Brisbane 2019 when the Japanese women’s team achieved their long-awaited revenge. They triumphed over Australia Gold in the Gold medal match with a narrow score of 14-13, securing the top spot on the podium.

Host nation France, who narrowly missed out on the Bronze medal at GG2019 by just a few points to Australia’s second team, Australia Green, will be seeking redemption on their home soil this time around. They will be determined to make a strong impact and improve their previous performance.

The rivalry between Japan and Australia in the Virtus Global Games has been intense and captivating, and fans can expect another thrilling encounter between these two competitive teams at GG2023.


The sport of handball is set to make its debut at the Virtus Global Games in Vichy 2023 as a demonstration sport, adding an exciting new dimension to the competition.

In recent handball competitions, Portugal has demonstrated their prowess. At the 2022 Virtus European Championship, Portugal emerged victorious in a playoff match against Poland, securing a 2-1 victory. This showcased their skill and determination in the sport.

Furthermore, at the 2018 European Championship, Portugal faced Poland once again in the finals and triumphed with a close score of 24-22, claiming the championship title. France, on the other hand, settled for the bronze medal in that tournament.

With all three nations, France, Poland, and Portugal, set to compete in handball at GG2023, it promises to be an intense and competitive event. These teams will bring their best players and strategies to vie for the coveted trophy. Fans can anticipate thrilling matches as these skilled teams showcase their handball expertise on the global stage for the first time in the Virtus Global Games.

Sports schedules for Basketball, Handball and Fustal can be accessed from here.