GG2023 aims to be the first sustainable Virtus Global Games

GG2023 is poised to be the most sustainable games in the history of Virtus Global Games and all other Virtus sporting events. This historical move is a result of a landmark environmental charter consisting of 15 binding principles which was developed by French Ministry of Sports and World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and has been signed by over 20 international sporting event organizers, including Paris 2024.

Logo of Sustainable development

By signing the charter, organizers pledge their commitment to deliver environmentally responsible and sustainable major sport events. The charter objectives range from ethical food sourcing, waste management and recycling, efficient water and energy consumption, maximizing clean public transport and other sustainable transport methods, guaranteeing venue and site accessibility, embracing eco-friendly innovation and promoting gender equality.

To achieve this, the 2023 Global Games organizing committee assembled a team dedicated to ‘sustainable development’ back in 2020 and signed this charter on 16 December 2021. Marie-José Lallart and Pascal Griffault are leading the sustainable team, which will be responsible for implementing the necessary measures to ensure the games are eco-friendly. The team’s efforts will encompass various aspects such as waste management, energy usage, transportation, and overall sustainability in event operations.



“One of the first tasks of the sustainable development team was to raise awareness and mobilise the entire GG organising committee around this issue. Each commission was informed of the charter and the 15 commitments and they reflected internally on the actions they could put in place,” Pascal Griffault told Virtus Sport.

This initiative aims to set a precedent for future Virtus sporting events and inspire other organizations to embrace sustainable practices. GG2023 presents an opportunity to demonstrate the significance of environmental responsibility in large-scale events and promote a more sustainable future.

A Global Games conference is also scheduled to take place on 3rd June at Palais des Congrès, where speakers and delegates will share their vision on this topic.

Five Eco-Friendly Action Highlights:

  1. First Virtus Forest: As part of the sustainable initiatives at GG2023, each flag bearer will be receive a shrub at the opening ceremony which will be planted in an area destroyed by a storm to create the first Virtus forest at the closing ceremony. The Virtus forest will serve as a tangible representation of the commitment to preserving nature and will continue to grow and flourish long after the games have concluded, creating a lasting legacy of sustainability.
  2. Eco-Ambassadors: To ensure the dissemination of Eco-friendly practices and raise awareness among general public and delegates, Eco-ambassadors will be stationed at every venue of GG2023 and will serve as informative guides, actively engaging with individuals and promoting sustainable actions throughout the event.
  3. GG2023 water bottles: To reduce waste generation, the LOC has implemented a notable measure by supplying every participant with ‘GG2023 water bottles’ instead of disposable cups. This initiative aims to encourage the use of reusable water bottles, eliminating the need for single-use cups and minimizing plastic waste throughout the duration of GG2023.
  4. Drinking Tap Water: Participants will be encouraged to drink tap water, reducing the reliance on plastic barrels or gallons traditionally used for supplying drinking water and promote responsible water usage throughout GG2023.
  5. GG2023 Medals: Rumours suggest that the medals awarded at GG2023 will feature sustainable elements, although specific details have been kept secret. This sustainable approach towards the medals highlights the commitment of GG2023 to environmental responsibility and reinforces the overall theme of sustainability throughout the games.

Sustainable Development Partner

The GG2023’s sustainable team is powered by Aremacs, a non-profit association created in 2004. Its objective is to limit the environmental impacts of social, cultural and sporting events by offering concrete solutions to event organizers to reduce, manage and recover waste and by raising awareness among the public of events of respect for the environment.

A call-to-action for all visiting nations participating in GG2023 that focuses on six main areas has been provided:


GG2023 Sustainable actions requests for visitors

  1. SAVE ENERGY: Remember to switch off lights, fans, and electronic gadgets when they are not in use or when leaving the hotel room.
  1. CARPOOL: Encourage sharing cars or cabs with friends, team members, or delegates when travelling to and from the hotel, games venues, or around the city.
  1. SOFT MOVEMENTS: Opt for walking, cycling, or using electric vehicles to travel between venues and hotels, promoting sustainable and eco-friendly transportation methods.
  • Practice water conservation by closing water faucets tightly after use.
  • Take shorter showers to minimize water consumption.
  • Finish the water in your bottle instead of leaving it unused.
  • Be mindful of wise water usage throughout your entire stay.
  1. PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Utilize public transportation options such as buses, trains, and trams to navigate the city, reducing individual carbon footprints and promoting sustainable transportation alternatives.
  1. SOLIDARITY: Embrace a spirit of solidarity by supporting and engaging in sustainable practices, fostering a collective effort towards environmental responsibility.

By following these guidelines, participating nations can contribute to the overall sustainability goals of GG2023 and make a positive impact on the environment