Highlight stories from Day-3 of 2022 Oceania Asia Games

Day-3 of the OA Games was another successful day with many records broken and winners being crowned in Basketball and Table Tennis final matches.


Swimmers heated up the Sleeman Swimming Centre once again today and smashed four more records.

Interesting race was staged in the Women’s II1 50m Freestyle as two records were broken simultaneously in this event. Madeleine McTernan (AUS) was leading the race from the beginning but she faced a tough competition from Karl Thompson from Australia for the Gold medal. However, Madeleine had a strong finish, securing not only the Gold medal for her, but she also set a new Oceania record 28.56 sec. The race was equally important for Kasumi Fukui from Japan who broke the Asia record with a time of 29.07sec and won a bronze for her country.

In another crazy race, two more records were broken in the same event. While Joshua Alford from Australia set a new Oceania record by winning the Gold, Hon Yin Wong  from Hong Kong set a new Asia Record by clocking a time of 9:03.26sec and 9:08.15sec respectively in Men’s II1 800m Freestyle.

Full results is available here.


In Women’s II1 finals, Li Tung Hiu from Hong Kong succumbed to her opponent Yamaguchi Miya from Japan. Miya had a smooth win over Tung with 3-0 set points. Miya was leading from the very beginning and continued to put the pressure on her opponent Li until she took her out completely by 11-3, 11-1 and 11-4 set points.

In Men’s II1 finals, Chinese Taipei’s Chen Yen Po thrashed Hara Hajime from Japan by 11-7, 11-8 and 11-7 set points. Although Hajime tried to recover from his defeat in the second set but Chen stayed undefeated and won three sets straightaway, adding another Gold to Japan’s basket.

“I am very happy that I represented my country” said Chen Yen Po

In Men’s Doubles, Japan will play against Indonesia while Chinese Taipei will face Hong Kong in the Semifinals matches tomorrow.

Four quarterfinal matches will be played tomorrow between: Hong Kong vs Macau, Japan vs Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong vs Japan and Chinese Taipei vs Japan and it will be thrilling to see who can make it into the semi-finals.

Results can be accessed from ITTF website.


Audience were presented with quite a few exciting basketball matches at the Chandler Arena (Sleeman Sports Complex).

In Men’s II1, host nation defeated Japan with a score of 82-59. Although the Japanese team lost the finals, they showed true sportsmanspirit and gave their best.

“We have been preparing for this match for over a year now and it was fun to play” said Watanabe Ryo from Japan

Full match stats can be accessed from Queensland Australia’s website. 

Here are some magic moments from day-3.