Virtus Ambassador & TV Presenter Egypt

Rahma Khaled Hussain is an International Swimmer from Egypt who has won a total of 7 international and 189 national medals during her swimming career.

Rahma was born in 1996 and is the first TV presenter with Down Syndrome in Egypt. She has been working with the DMC TV channel since December 2018.

After winning medals in the Egypt Republic and Cup Championship in 2015,2016 and 2017, Rahma started getting attention from the media and was invited by many news channels for interviews. Rahma gives credit to sports for changing her life and for teaching her essential life skills.

Women standing infront of table with more than 50 medals and trophies on display

Rahma’s medal wins from swimming and sports

Being an athlete or playing sports gave me a lot of confidence and improved a lot of my abilities. Sports challenges our abilities and pushes us to improve our performance constantly, and whatever challenges I had in life I could go through them because of the sporting spirit I had. Also, by becoming a swimming champion, I was recognized by the media. Sports played a big part in my life.

Rahma had a passion for being MC since school and after getting invitations for interviews on TV, she realized that people admired seeing someone with Down syndrome on TV and that she could change the perception of society toward people with DS by using the power of media. To follow her passion and advocate for people with DS, Rahma took workshops on how to become a presenter on radio or TV and landed herself a job in DMC TV in 2018.

I am really proud of myself to get the opportunity and be the first TV presenter with Down Syndrome. I feel like I am the voice for everyone with Down Syndrome. I also feel like I have opened opportunities for other people with Down Syndrome, they can be an athlete, and they can be TV presenters. It gives hope to people with Down Syndrome and their families. I am also proud that some people can recognize me and my family is also super proud of me.

Rahma is a living example of how sports can teach athletes with intellectual impairments to acquire vital life skills which can be used to find employment outside the sporting industry.