Unveiling Virtus’ Inaugural Anti-Doping Awareness Program On Play True Day

April 19th marks a significant occasion in the world of sports – it’s celebrated globally as ‘PLAY TRUE’ day, launched by World Anti-Doping Agency – WADA exactly a decade ago. The origin of Play True Day traces back to an Education Conference convened by WADA in 2013, attended by representatives from 17 Latin American countries. Since its inception in 2014, Play True Day has evolved into an annual global celebration, dedicated to promoting clean sport and raising awareness about the imperative of doping prevention among athletes, sporting enthusiasts, and the broader community.  

This year, Virtus Sport is proud to announce the launch of its inaugural ‘Anti-Doping Awareness Program’, reaffirming its commitment to clean and fair competition. As a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Code, Virtus stands firm in its resolve to combat doping in all its forms. 

Virtus Sport Anti-Doping Officer, Juliana Soares, spearheading our awareness program, stated, 

I am thrilled with the launch of this campaign and the unwavering support from the entire Virtus team and our partners. Anti-doping education for athletes with intellectual impairments is as important as it is for any other athlete, and thus, we have initiated the “Virtus Anti-Doping Awareness Program.” 

This initiative aims to equip athletes with simple yet effective tools, fostering a proactive and engaging approach towards understanding anti-doping principles.” 

“We see this project as a way for our athletes to understand anti-doping better and feel sure about it. Athletes with an intellectual impairment need to know that they are an important part of the sports community and must follow WADA rules. At Virtus, we promise to help them with the right guidance and support they need.” 

The Anti-Doping Educational Program aims to empower athletes, coaches, parents, and National Member Organisations with vital knowledge and resources to uphold the principles of clean sport. Through engaging visual content and educational videos, we’ll cover a range of topics, including: 

  • What is anti-doping? 
  • List of prohibited items 
  • The doping test process 
  • Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) 
  • Rights and duties of athletes, coaches, parents, and Virtus Sport  members 
  • Consequences of doping 

In addition to these resources, Virtus will host monthly online seminars, diving into each topic in-depth and providing participants with valuable insights and practical advice. To make learning interactive and enjoyable, we’ll conclude each month with a fun quiz in the form of multiple-choice questions, hosted on Virtus’ Instagram page. 

On this Play True Day, Virtus Sport invites you to join us in championing the values of integrity, fairness, and respect in sport. Together, let’s take a stand for clean competition and inspire a culture of honesty and accountability. 

For more information, visit the Virtus Anti-Doping program page.

Call for Participation: Shape the Future of Anti-Doping Education  

Virtus is teaming up with researchers from Canterbury Christ Church University to elevate the quality of anti-doping materials delivered by Virtus Sport, and we need your input! 

Join us for engaging discussions scheduled for May 1st, May 31st, and June 28th. Your feedback is invaluable in refining future anti-doping content to be both effective and engaging. 


  • Athletes must belong to the II1 Class. 
  • Participants must have watched the anti-doping educational videos and attended the seminar delivered by Virtus. 

This is your chance to share what you enjoyed about the session and program and provide feedback on how it could be improved. 

As a token of our appreciation for your time and contribution, participants will receive £75 compensation. 

Interested athletes are requested to contact the lead researcher, Philip Hurst philip.hurst@canterbury.ac.uk to book the place (please note, that spaces are limited, so this will be a first come first serve basis). 

Let’s pave the way for a cleaner, fairer, and more informed sporting landscape together. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your voice heard and make a tangible impact on anti-doping education.