Top Five II1 Women to Compete for Spot at Paris 2024

With so many of the top ten ranked women’s athletes participating, the competition promises to be fierce. Serving as Paris 2024 qualifiers for II1 athletes, the Global Games 2023 will turn as the ultimate battleground for the talented women in this particular category to showcase their skills, determination, and unwavering spirit to win their Golden ticket to the upcoming Paralympic Games.

Here are the top five A-listers who will try to outshine their competitors and claim their rightful place in Paris 2024:

1. Lea Ferney: A Paralympic Sensation

Lea Ferney. Photo Credit: ITTF

Seizing the top spot in the ITTF rankings, French athlete Lea Ferney has cemented herself as an intimidating force in the world of table tennis. Lea made headlines with her stellar performance at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, clinching a silver medal in her debut appearance. Though she faced defeat against Ebru Acer from Turkey in the 2022 Virtus European Summer Games, Lea bounced back to reclaim her spot atop the rankings at Andalucía 2022. Her tenacity and skill make her a strong contender for success at GG2023.

2. Natalia Kosmania: The Ukrainian Dynamo


Natalya Kosmania. Photo Credit: ITTF

Ranked second in the ITTF standings, Natalia Kosmania will represent Ukraine with unwavering determination. As the gold medalist from Rio 2016, she has proven herself on the global stage. With her sights set on securing a place at Paris 2024, Natalia is poised to demonstrate her exceptional talent at GG2023. Expect fireworks as she showcases her prowess against the world’s best.

3. NG Mui Wui: A Rising Star from Hong Kong


NG Mui Wui. Photo Credit: ITTF

NG Mui Wui, the bronze medalist from Rio 2016, has been steadily climbing the ITTF rankings and currently sits in third place. Hailing from Hong Kong, NG Mui Wui’s skills and strategic play have propelled her to the forefront of the sport. Her doubles victory alongside Wong Ting Ting at the 2022 Andalucían Championships further solidifies her potential for success. Watch out for NG Mui Wui as she strives to reach new heights at GG2023.

4. Dorota Nowacka: The Polish Contender


Dorota Nowacka. Photo Credit: ITTF

Dorota Nowacka, the fourth-ranked Polish athlete, aims to make a strong comeback at GG2023. While she narrowly missed out on the finals at Rio 2016, her drive and determination have only grown stronger. Despite her defeat to fellow Polish athlete Lysiak Krystyna at the 2022 Spanish World Para Table Tennis Championship, Dorota remains a formidable competitor. GG2023 presents a perfect opportunity for her to showcase her resilience and compete at the highest level.

5. Ebru Acer: The Turkish Phenomenon


Acer Ebru. Photo Credit: ITTF

Ebru Acer, the rising star from Turkey, made a name for herself by defeating Paralympic medalist Lea Ferney at the 2022 Virtus European Championship. Although her subsequent performances did not match her early success, Ebru currently holds the fifth spot in the ITTF rankings. Her talent and potential are undeniable, and all eyes will be on her to see if she can replicate her remarkable Krakow 2022 performance at GG2023.

As they vie for a spot in Paris 2024, the competition promises to be intense, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats. The world will be watching as these exceptional women strive to secure their place among the elite and leave their mark on the world of II1 table tennis.

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