Phase 1 consultation of IPC Classification Code review makes strong progress

From the IPC website, 21.2.2022

After nearly a year of remote meetings, the Code Drafting team met in person from 9th to 11th  February in Bonn, Germany where the stakeholder’s feedback was analysed from Phase 1 of consultation, that took place from March-September 2021. The team was formed in March 2021 to lead the review process and present it to the IPC.

According to the IPC Code Drafting team chair, Scott Field, strong progress has been made while the Phase 1 consultation of the Classification code ended.

Progress was made on a range of key themes: the principles of classification, eligible impairments; intentional misrepresentation; athlete evaluation, and with it the role of remote technology; and strengthening the international standards on classifier personnel and training and data protection.

During the second phase of consultation, the team will present the new working drafts for the Codes and Standards, and invite feedback.

“Having such a group of dedicated individuals, with various backgrounds and expertise representing all corners of our membership, including athlete representation, shows the strength of our Movement and will no doubt lead to the development of classification in the coming years. We are grateful to all of our members and wider stakeholders for their input in this multi-year review project”  says Tea Cisic, IPC Head of Classification.

Classification performs two critical functions: it determines which Para athletes are eligible to compete in a sport; and it groups athletes into sport classes which aim to ensure that the impact of impairment is minimised, and sporting excellence determines which athlete or team is ultimately victorious.

According to IPC, the current 2015 Athletes Classification codes and accompanying international standard will remain fully effective until the new Code’s implementation date. At the moment, it is anticipated that the new IPC Athlete Classification Code will be January 2025 for summer sports and July 2026 for winter sports.

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