World Intellectual Impairment Sport searches for Championships hosts

World Intellectual Impairment Sport searches for Championships hosts in seven sports

The International Federation for Athletes with Intellectual Impairments (World Intellectual Impairment Sport) has launched a search for hosts of major Championships in athletics, rowing, football, table tennis, swimming and alpine and Nordic skiing until 2021.

Competitions in Europe, Asia and the Americas in athletics and swimming highlight the list as World Intellectual Impairment Sport looks to expand its regional calendar.

Later this year Santiago del Estero will become the first city to stage the World Intellectual Impairment Sport Swimming Championships (Americas) between 29 August – 2 September. The event will be the first competition in any World Intellectual Impairment Sport sport to be hosted in the region and marks the start of a wider campaign for other sports.

Hosts are wanted for the 2018 World Intellectual Impairment Sport Athletics Championships (Asia) and the 2020 editions for Europe, Asia and the Americas. Football and table tennis are searching for bids from countries in Asia and the Americas for their regional Championships.

The 2020 indoor athletics, half marathon, alpine and Nordic skiing and indoor rowing World Championships are also on offer.

Marc Truffaut, World Intellectual Impairment Sport President, said: “In 2018 we are really getting our plans to create an ambitious, more diverse competition calendar underway. It will give the world’s best athletes with intellectual impairments the chance to compete more often at the highest levels.

“We are also opening up the bidding process much earlier so we can secure hosts at least two years before in some cases. This will allow us to work with organisers more effectively, raise the standards of our competitions and provide an all-round high quality experience for everyone involved.

“Hosting an World Intellectual Impairment Sport competition is a very important responsibility. For some athletes it will be the highest level they may compete at and for others it could be their chance to qualify for a Paralympic Games. It is hugely important that we get everything right and we are here to guide and advise organisers at every step of the way.”

Information for organisers

In total, World Intellectual Impairment Sport is looking for hosts for 20 major events between 2018-2021. A full list of competitions, alongside bid documents and deadlines, can be found on the World Intellectual Impairment Sport website.

Bid must meet the specifications for each sport which can be found here.

World Intellectual Impairment Sport is also looking for hosts for the 2023 edition of the Global Games – the world’s biggest high performance sports event for athletes with intellectual impairments.