World Intellectual Impairment Sport congratulates Andrew Parsons on election as new IPC President

The International Federation for Intellectual Impairment Sport (World Intellectual Impairment Sport) has congratulated Andrew Parsons on his election as President of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

He will be only the third President in the history of the IPC and follows Sir Philip Craven, who stood down after serving the maximum number of terms.

World Intellectual Impairment Sport President Marc Truffaut said: “On behalf of our membership I would like to congratulate Andrew on his historic election and a successful campaign, which highlighted the importance of moving forward together as a Movement on the promising road ahead.

“He has always been an advocate for sport for people with an intellectual impairment and I am sure that will continue. We very much look forward to continuing and growing our work with the IPC over the coming years.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank outgoing President Sir Philip Craven for everything he has achieved during his 16 year tenure. The IPC and movement has never been stronger thanks to his leadership.”

Parsons received 84 votes during the IPC General Assembly in Abu Dhabi, which welcomed a record number of members. Duane Kale (NZL) was voted as the new Vice President.

As well as the Presidential and Vice Presidential elections, 10 Members at Large were also elected to the IPC Governing Board.

World Intellectual Impairment Sport Vice President Robyn Smith was in the running however narrowly missed out on the opportunity to progress to the second round of voting.

Truffaut continued: “We nominated Robyn for election because we wanted to be more proactive in supporting the work of the IPC and its members and that still stands.

“We send our congratulations and best wishes to the new Governing Board. There is a bright future ahead of all of us and I hope that we can continue on the same path.”

Smith said: “Despite not being elected I am still happy to have been part of this historic process. It gave me a chance to speak to other members about my vision for the Paralympic Movement – no one left behind – as well as to raise awareness of the important work of World Intellectual Impairment Sport.

“I echo Marc’s comments about Andrew and all members of the Governing Board. He will be a great leader and I hope we can grow sport for people with intellectual impairments and others around the world together.”