Iconic GG2023 eco-medal designs revealed

The GG2023 organizing committee has unveiled the highly anticipated medal designs, surpassing expectations with their captivating beauty. Reflecting the committee’s sustainability commitment through the environmental charter with the French Ministry of Sports and WWF, the GG2023 medal will incorporate both metal and wood components, where the metal design represents the classic and prestigious nature of medals and sits within a ‘wooden frame’ which adds  an element of natural beauty and environmental consciousness.

To bring the wood-metal concept to life, skilled artisans from Ateliers CURTI meticulously selected high-quality wood from the centre of France, close to the Vichy forests. The careful shaping and carving of the wood results in a design that showcases the texture, grain, and colour of the material, enhancing the medal’s aesthetic appeal, and ensuring that each medal is a work of art, providing recipients with a distinct and organic feel.

The decision to incorporate wooden elements into the GG2023 medals not only stems from sustainability but also from a desire to connect with history. Wood has played a significant role in the construction of important structures throughout history, such as houses, dams, roofs, and bridges, providing protection and support to people. By including wood in the medals, we symbolize the strength and durability that wood represents. The wooden frame surrounding the metal medal acts as a protective layer, ensuring its longevity and preservation. This combination of materials represents the timeless nature of achievements and their lasting impact on individuals and communities” said Marc Truffaut, Virtus President and FFSA, was particularly excited about this historical achievement.

Beyond their visual appeal, the wooden-metal medals embody eco-friendly and sustainable concepts. They serve as a connection between athletes and environmental initiatives, promoting conscious living. By wearing these medals, athletes will become ambassadors for sustainability, spreading awareness and inspiring others to embrace environmentally friendly practices.

Talking about the journey of the medal, GG2023 Protocol manager, Pascale Tilagone explained the process as a “journey from the forest to the podium.

The GG2023 medal undergoes a detailed process, cutting wood into round shapes and compartments to fit the metal medal. The wooden base is polished and engraved with a map of France with the iconic Eiffel Tower and Vichy on the back of the medal signifying the host nation which is then embedded with an Aluminum strip under the map which is laser-printed with the sport discipline name. Metal medals featuring the GG2023 logo are added into the wooden compartments on the front side of the medal and ribbon lanyards with GG2023 branding complete the medal.” said Pascale.

“This meticulous craftsmanship creates a unique blend of wood and metal, symbolizing both achievement and sustainability. Each medal is unique because the wood is not from the same tree in every medal, which makes it extra special.” She added further.

With the opening ceremony just days away, anticipation builds not only for outstanding athletic performances but also for the unveiling of these remarkable medals. The combination of metal and wood will undoubtedly add a wow factor to the already exceptional event, reinforcing the message that sustainability and environmental consciousness can go hand in hand with tradition and excellence.