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Get involved in the World Intellectual Impairment Sport re-brand – tell us what you think

The International Federation for Athletes with Intellectual Impairments (World Intellectual Impairment Sport) is calling on athletes, members, volunteers and anyone with an interest in their work to take part in a survey about the World Intellectual Impairment Sport brand.

World Intellectual Impairment Sport is considering launching a new look in 2019 but needs feedback from its community to help inform the process.

The anonymous survey, which takes around four minutes to complete, is available in French, Spanish, Arabic, standard Chinese and English until 27 January 2019.

Take the survey in English.

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Take the survey in Spanish.

Take the survey in French.

Take the survey in Arabic (Word document format only)

Marc Truffaut, World Intellectual Impairment Sport President, said: “The brand that we currently have has been in use for a good few years now. As we grow and develop, managing an increasing number of athletes and events, we think it is time we review our look and feel to see if it meets our needs.

“A brand is not just the look, colours and logo of an organisation. It represents how people perceive us, our reputation and values and the level of respect we command from all our stakeholders.

“A strong brand presence will help World Intellectual Impairment Sport to fundraise and build credibility both within and outside the world or sport.

“It is important to have a physical brand that reflects the values of World Intellectual Impairment Sport, but the organisation must also live those values in its every day work. The World Intellectual Impairment Sport Governing Board is therefore inviting anyone with an interest in World Intellectual Impairment Sport or sport for athletes with an intellectual impairment to have their say.”

Once the two month survey is closed, World Intellectual Impairment Sport will carefully review all responses. A report and recommendations will then be submitted to the World Intellectual Impairment Sport Governing Board in February, who will decide if a re-brand is needed.