Euro Parahockey Championships get underway

Twelve teams from nine countries have arrived in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam for the 2017 Euro Parahockey Championships which begin on Monday (21 August).

The competition is an official side event of the Rabo EuroHockey Championships 2017 being organised by the European Hockey Federation and sanctioned by the International Federation for Intellectual Impairment Sport (World Intellectual Impairment Sport).

Matches will be played at the Pinoke Hockey Club with the final on 23 August taking place at the newly refurbished Wagener Stadium.

Portugal will be keen to defend their title whilst newcomers Ireland and France hope to make an impact. Italy, hosts the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Spain and Germany will also compete.

Teams are divided into three pools of four teams with seven players each.

The full schedule is available at the Rabo EuroHockey Championships 2017 website.

As well as playing, athletes and teams will get the chance to watch the Euros and will be treated to various celebrations and functions during their stay.

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