Double victory for Portugal at Zakopane 2024

The curtains fell on the exhilarating finale of the inaugural Virtus European Winter Games, a day filled with a rollercoaster of emotions.

Amidst the electric atmosphere of the final day, where basketball and futsal titans clashed for podium supremacy, Mother Nature cast her unpredictable hand, forcing the cancellation of the much-anticipated skiing event, leaving athletes disheartened.

Team Portugal posing with trophy

Yet, amidst the disappointment, the Portuguese contingent shone brightly, showcasing their unwavering dominance in team sports.

We knew we had to bring our A-game,” remarked a triumphant Portuguese basketball player after their resounding victory over France I.

It was a tough match, but we stuck to our game plan and pulled through.”

In a historic debut for 3×3 basketball at the Virtus competition, Portugal’s seasoned champions left an indelible mark.

“The pace was exhilarating,With fewer players and more ground to cover, it demanded our absolute best, but we relished every moment of it.” exclaimed another Portuguese player.

The Portuguese team, renowned as a formidable force in team sports across European and world championships, once again asserted their dominance, claiming victory in both 3×3 basketball and futsal at the Winter European Games.

In the basketball finals showdown against France I, Portugal wasted no time seizing control, establishing an early lead in the first quarter. With unwavering pressure, they maintained their advantage throughout, ultimately triumphing with a final score of 17-14.

The introduction of 3×3 basketball to the Virtus competition marked a historic moment, and it was Team Portugal who etched their name in the annals of history by clinching the inaugural title. With their unparalleled experience as multiple-time European and world champions, they proved their mettle once again on the Winter European Games stage.


Talking about the structure of the game and the experience, Portuguese basketball team says,

“Playing the 3×3 match today was definitely a new experience for the whole team. It was very difficult as we had less players and more grounds to cover. It is also faster than he 5×5 match. But we enjoyed playing the match”

Host nation tasted defeat by the hands of France-II in the bronze medal match 18-3.

Portuguese Futsal team. Photo Credit: Sprawni-razem

In a gripping display of futsal prowess, the Spanish team surged ahead in the first half, establishing a commanding lead of 3-1 and persistently widening the gap, edging closer to the coveted bronze medal. Their relentless offensive onslaught culminated in a triumphant 7-4 victory over Poland, securing their place on the podium amidst jubilant celebrations.

Meanwhile, in the eagerly awaited finals clash, France launched a spirited assault against Portugal, fueled by aspirations of clinching the championship trophy. However, their aspirations were dashed as the Portuguese squad swiftly seized control with a 2-0 lead in the opening quarter. Despite a valiant attempt at a comeback, with the French team netting two goals of their own, they ultimately succumbed to Portugal’s relentless pressure, conceding defeat by a final scoreline of 7-2.

“The match was a definitely difficult. We had one new player but others had experience so it was easy to modify our game as per the situation and win the trophy,” said the head coach of Portuguese team.

Full results of the can be accessed from VEWG website.