Cristiano Pereira Surfaced As The Ultimate Half Marathon Champion at Lisboa 2023

The 2023 Virtus World and European Half-Marathon pushed off from the second of December in Lisbon, Portugal. The competition was organised by ANDDI Portugal alongside the tenth edition of the famous ‘Tranquilidade Meia Maratona dos Descobrimentos’. The event was first organised in 2013.

In a remarkable display of determination and skill, Cristiano P. Pereira achieved an extraordinary feat in the Men’s II1 Half-Marathon. He not only triumphed over mainstream runners but also surpassed para runners, securing the prestigious title of European champion VIRTUS.

Cristiano’s victory, occurring on the International Day of People with Disabilities, serves as a powerful example of the incredible achievements individuals with disabilities can attain when provided with a platform to showcase their talent.

During the Half Marathon of the Discoveries in Lisbon, he not only claimed victory but also shattered the world record for the T20 class by completing the half-marathon in an impressive 1h06m31s time.

Athlete at the starting mark for the marathon. Photo Credit: ANDDI

In the Women’s II1 marathon, Poland’s Anna Bodziony secured the top spot on the podium with a remarkable time of 1:29.41, while Monika Wyrobek claimed a well-deserved second place, clocking in at 1:31.10sec.

Winners of Men’s II3 and Women’s II1 marathon races. Photo Credit ANDDI

In the Men’s II3 marathon, Denmark’s Alexander Nielsen claimed the gold medal with an impressive time of 1:06.39, setting a stellar pace. Italy’s Luca Venturelli secured the second spot with a commendable time of 1:12.07.

Shifting to the Men’s II1 10 km, Jose Martinez Morote from Spain emerged as the champion with a swift time of 33.10, showcasing remarkable speed and endurance. Portugal’s Cristiano Silva Pereira secured a close second with a time of 33.33, closely followed by Denmark’s Mohamed Hers at 33.34.

(L-R) Cristiano Silva Pereira, Jose Martinez Morote and Mohamed Hers. Photo credit: ANDDI

Full results can be accessed from here.