Brazilians dominated T20 events medal tally at Paris 23

The Paris 23 World Para Athletics Championship has been a platform for exhilarating performances in the T20 class events. From the closely contested Men’s 400m race to the outstanding displays in the Long Jump and 1500m races, the competition has been nothing short of remarkable.

T20 Men’s 400m

In the Men’s 400m, spectators were treated to a nail-biting finish, with the top five athletes finishing within microseconds of each other. Samuel Oliveira from Brazil stole the show with a dazzling finish, setting a new Championship Record with a time of 47.20 seconds. Daniel Tavares (BRA) and Philippe Yovanni (MRI) showcased their incredible skills, clocking times of 47.30 and 47.48 seconds, respectively.

“It’s great to be a champion. Very happy. First World Cup and already get the gold medal. It’s too good. I thank my coach and my family”, said Samuel Oliveira.

Three-time World Champion, Daniel Tavares expressed his happiness for sharing the podium with his fellow team-mate Samuel. Uncertain about being able to run again after getting Covid, Daniel was delighted to clock his season best at Paris 23.

T20 Men’s Long Jump

Latif Romly from Malaysia once again demonstrated his dominance in the T20 Men’s Long Jump event. With a remarkable leap of 7.40 meters, Romly set a new championship record, reaffirming his position as the Paralympic Champion and world record holder.

“I have qualified for my third Paralympics in Paris next year. It was unfortunate that I aggravated my groin after the second jump. But it was good enough for me to win gold”

Noah Vucsics from Canada followed closely with a jump of 7.35 meters, while Prodromou Athanasios from Greece secured the bronze medal with a season’s best jump of 7.12 meters.

T20 Men’s 1500m

In a remarkable World Championship debut, nineteen-year-old Ben Sandilands from Great Britain made a name for himself by defeating the World Record holder and Rio 2016 Champion, Michael Brannigan from the USA. Sandilands set a new Championship Record with an impressive time of 3:52.42 seconds, showcasing his immense talent and potential in the event. Brannigan, despite being beaten, clocked his season-best time of 3:53.50, demonstrating his remarkable abilities as well.

“It does feel amazing to win a gold. I think I sped up with 200m to go, but I know I have that speed in me, so it definitely helped. I just feel exhausted now. I went into the race thinking I could win and I did, so it has given me a lot of confidence for the future,” Sandilands told IPC.

Sandro Baessa from Portugal put up an exceptional performance, recording his personal best time of 3:54.04 and securing the final spot on the podium.

T20 Women’s Long Jump

Karolina Kucharczyk, a two-time Paralympic Champion and world record holder, reaffirmed her absolute dominance in the Women’s Long Jump event for the T20 class. In a phenomenal display of her abilities, Kucharczyk successfully defended her title by leaping to an impressive distance of 6.08 meters in her fifth attempt, setting a new season record. Zileide Cassiano Da Silva from Brazil secured the silver medal for herself with a jump of 5.97 meters, showcasing her own exceptional skills in the competition.

Jardenia Felix Barbosa Da Silva from Brazil, a Tokyo 2020 Bronze medallist, once again showcased her versatility and remarkable talent at the Paris 23 event. In the Long Jump event, she secured the bronze medal with a jump of 5.49 meters. This achievement adds to her previous bronze medal in the 400m event at Tokyo 2020, highlighting her prowess in multiple disciplines.

T20 Women’s 1500m

Barbara Bieganowska-Zajac, the three-time Paralympic Champion and world record holder, showcased her unwavering dominance by claiming the gold medal in impressive fashion with a fantastic season-best time of 4:28.66.

Antonia Keyla Da Silva from Brazil added another silver medal to her country’s tally, crossing the finish line with a time of 4:30.75. Liudmyla Danlina from Ukraine secured the bronze medal while also recording her season-best time of 4:32.93.

Brazil dominated the T20 events medal tally with five medals (one gold, three silver and one bronze) and stood second on the overall tally, followed by Ukraine who also secured five medals (one gold, one silver and three bronze).

These remarkable performances exemplify the incredible talent and determination displayed by these athletes on the world stage.