Launching the World Intellectual Impairment Sport Blog!

Welcome to the first post of World Intellectual Impairment Sport’ new blog page!

Each week we will provide an update on some of our activities, ideas for projects, news from around the world, or anything else that we think might be of interest. If you have ideas or would like us to focus on a particular topic then please feel free to contact us.

Last week the World Intellectual Impairment Sport staff had the opportunity to attend a one-day social media course with internet expert Jonny Ross. Jonny runs a consultancy company to help organisations such as World Intellectual Impairment Sport achieve the most from platforms such as FacebookTwitter and Youtube and though we have been using these sites for around 5 years, it was great to learn more about the opportunities they can offer to help promote sport for athletes with an intellectual disability.

logoThe timing of the workshop was perfect as we are just a few days away from the start of Global ID Sports Week 2016 (GIDSW). This is a week long celebration of sport for athletes with an intellectual disability and we will be using social media to share stories and make announcements about the work we and our many member organisations around the world do.

GIDSW begins on 25th June when the World Intellectual Impairment Sport staff will be joining around a hundred young athletes competing in the English Open National Athletics Championships where perhaps the next World Intellectual Impairment Sport athlete will be spotted!

You can support GIDSW by sharing your stories and news, or simply by following us on social media and re-posting our posts and tweets. Please share our pages with your friends and colleagues too and help us to make the most of social media during Global ID Sports Week 2016.