The Virtus programme offers the most talented tennis players across the world a chance to play at the highest level.

Events include men’s and women’s singles, doubles, mixed doubles and men’s and women’s team competitions.

Players interested in competing at a high level should contact their National Federation. More information can be found in the tennis information and Tennis Performance Programme leaflets.


World Championships have been help since the first edition in Melbourne Park, Australia, in 2004. Back then just four teams from the host nation, Poland, Czech Republic and an international team entered athletes.

The numbers and quality of athletes is improving all the time. At the last Worlds in Bolton, Great Britain, in 2017, eight countries were represented.

The sport has created its fair share of success stories over the years. Australia’s Kelly Wren has been competing since 2004 and has won multiple medals across different competitions.

The prestigious Australia Tennis Championships also includes a tournament for players with an intellectual impairment every year, including prize money.

More information about upcoming events and competitions can be found at the events page.

Rules and regulations

Virtus tennis competitions are run under the rules of the International Tennis Federation (ITF). However there are a few differences. These include main draw matches being played in three short sets.

The full sport specification for Virtus tennis can be found here (Section 7.11).

Results and rankings

Virtus Tennis Committee

  • Sport Director/Chairperson – Lesley Whitehead (Great Britain)
  • Americas – vacancy
  • Europe – Linda Goffings (Belgium)
  • Oceania – Brenda Tierney (Australia)
  • Africa – Mohamed Abdelsattar (Egypt)