Poland to host 2023 Virtus World & European Cross Country Championships

Virtus, the International Sports Federation for athletes with an intellectual impairment, is delighted to announce that Poland will host the 2023 Virtus World & European Cross Country Championships in Ciechanów.

The event will be hosted by SPRAWNI-RAZEM, Virtus member organization in Poland from the 26th to 30th of October 2023 and will offer competition across all three Virtus eligibility classes- II1, II2 and II3. The competitions will take place on a designated running route chosen by the organizers in the suburbs of Ciechanów.

Expressing their gratitude, President of Sprawni-Razem, Dariusz Mosakowski says,

Sprawni-Razem is proud and grateful for being awarded the opportunity to host another sports event by the Virtus Sport. We are delighted that our friends from the entire Virtus family will once again experience Polish hospitality, create memorable moments, and share in the excitement of sports.”

Sprawni-Razem has hosted a wide range of Virtus events including the 2019 Cross Country Championships in Trzebnica, the 2020 Indoor World Championships in Toruń, the 2021 World Athletics Championships in Bydgoszcz and the 2022 European Championships in Krakow.

While praising the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for their successful bid to host the 2023 Virtus World & European Cross Country Championship, Virtus President Marc Truffaut expressed his congratulations to SPRAWNI-RAZEM.

They have hosted world-class Virtus events in the past few years, including during the Covid-19 pandemic and we are confident that they will deliver yet another remarkable and memorable event for athletes and spectators alike”.

More updates about the can be accessed here.