World Intellectual Impairment Sport extends its condolences to Turkey following recent terrorist attacks

13575756_1732324653674209_2033516106699965167_oAs the 2016 World Intellectual Impairment Sport Athletics Championships (Europe) came to a close, World Intellectual Impairment Sport – the International Association of Sport for para-athletes with an intellectual disability – extended its condolences to Turkey following the recent terrorist attacks at Istanbul airport which overshadowed the start of the event.

Amaury Russo (World Intellectual Impairment Sport President) said “I was shocked to learn of these latest attacks and my best wishes go out to all those people affected. The athletics championships were a fantastic example of sporting competition for people with an intellectual disability at the highest level and my thanks go to TOSSFED (Turkiye Ozel Sporcular Spor Federasyonu), the local organising committee and the competing athletes and nations for their exceptional performances”.

The event saw 8 nations competing in Ankara between 28th June and 3rd July.