Day 1 of competitions at the Global Games was finally here

Yesterday marked the first day of competitions at the Ecuador 2015 World Intellectual Impairment Sport Global Games. Cycling, Futsal, Tennis and Basketball events took place and the Games had its first medallists on the Cycling Team Time Trial event; France and its athletes M. Collin and J. Pereira took the highest spot on the podium, followed by D. Merten and J. Duinkerke representing Holland, and E. Sarango and A. Jacome snapped the last chance for medals taking the 3rd place.

Basketball compIMG_2742etition was packed with emotions delivered by the Portuguese and Venezuelan teams. This was the opening game in the men’s competition and from the get go a very enthusiastic Venezuelan squad was able to cause some troubles for Portugal in the first quarter and they went into the break winning 13 – 10. Nonetheless, Portugal was able to come back in the game and was able to take the lead 35 – 32 after the 3rd quarter. But in the last interval of the game a highly spirited Venezuelan team was able to gain a break with 3 minutes left on the clock and took the lead which they held on to win 43 – 37.



Also, other competitions that took place on Day 1 were Futsal and Tennis which will carry on today along with Basketball and the beginning of competitionsP1000257P1000310 for Athletics. Cycling will take a short break today to get back in action tomorrow, as will Swimming but with its first day of competitions at the Diana Quintana Sport Club.






More results and information about the events competitions coming ahead, so make sure to check our social media portals.