1st Inas National Eligibility Officer Conference

Inas will be holding its first 1st NEO Conference in the United Kingdom on February 2-3 2013.

The conference is organised by Inas and provides an opportunity to discuss:

  • The Inas eligibility process
  • The new ‘provisional eligibility’ process
  • Member experiences and sharing of good practice
  • Consideration of the draft Inas Strategic Plan (in the area of Eligibility)

The conference is intended for the National Eligibility Officer (NEO) of each member nation and a maximum of one further representative. The representatives should have considerable knowledge of, and involvement in, the eligibility process within their nation.

Booking fees

Accommodation fees should be paid directly to the hotel. The delegate fee is $50 and should be paid directly to Inas either in cash on arrival, by bank transfer (see booking details above) or online by following the link below.

Number of delegates