Athletes with an intellectual Impairment

This is the original eligibility group for athletes with an impairment. Some of these athletes also compete in the Paralympic Games in swimming (class S14), athletics (class T20/F20) and table tennis (class TT11).

The eligibility criteria are based upon the World Health Organisation and American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) research and guidance, and in simple terms the criteria state that an athlete must show:

  • an IQ of 75 or lower
  • significant limitations in adaptive behaviour as expressed in conceptual, social, and practical adaptive skills
  • their impairment must have been diagnosed before the age of 22 (i.e. in the developmental stage of their life)

Athletes in the II1 group have certain challenges to overcome during competition. These include pacing during a race, tactics, and fine adjustments such as take-off points in jumping events.

II1 National and International Eligibility

For II1 athletes, there are two levels of eligibility. Athletes should consult with their Member organisation carefully to identify which level they should apply for.

  • Level 1 – II1 National Eligibility – permits entry to some developmental events and some sanctioned national events.
  • Level 2 – II1 International Eligibility – permits entry to regional and World Championships and is a pre-requirement of Paralympic sports classification.

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