Virtus Strategic Plan 2021-2024 released

Virtus Strategic Plan 2021-2024 released

The Virtus Strategic Plan 2021-2024, now released, sets our aims and priorities for continuing to drive the development of elite sport worldwide for athletes with an intellectual impairment. It is the culmination of a year-long consultation exercise and is our most ambitious and far-reaching plan ever. Our objectives fall into three key Strategic Priorities:

1. Deliver exceptional services
2. Maximise influence and reach
3. Strengthen organisational health

Launching the plan, Virtus President Marc Truffaut said “I am so proud to share this new plan with our membership, our partners, and our supporters. This isn’t just a plan to grow Virtus, but a strategy that has the potential to change the world for people with an intellectual impairment. I hope all parts of the organisation, all our many and valued partners around the world, and all Virtus supporters will come together to help us deliver our ambitions and make our vision a reality”.

According to World Health Organization 2011 Report on disability, 2-3% of the world’s population or 178-256 million people have an intellectual impairment. Using the power of sport, our vision is ‘an inclusive world for people with an intellectual impairment’. We are here to govern, advocate, organise and promote elite sport. Through Virtus, we will change attitudes, challenge perceptions and strengthen communities locally and globally.

Virtus Strategic Plan 2021 -2024 is available for download via the Virtus Document Library.