Virtus Regional Games


Committed to fostering inclusivity and providing a platform for athletes with intellectual impairments, Virtus Regional Games are strategically designed to discover and nurture talent across diverse regions. These events focus on Africa, Asia, Americana, Europe, and Oceania, offering a vital stepping stone for athletes on their journey to international sports competitions.

Scheduled every four years leading up to the Global Games, these regional competitions serve as crucial training grounds, identifying skilled athletes and preparing them for the global stage.

The inaugural Regional Summer Games took place in Paris in 2018, meticulously organized by the Fédération Française du Sport Adapté (FFSA), a valued Virtus Member Organization for France. Following this, the groundbreaking Oceania-Asia Games unfolded in 2022, skillfully orchestrated by Sport Inclusion Australia. Similarly, the inaugural Regional Winter Games was held in Zakopane in 2024, meticulously organised by Sprawni-Razem, the Virtus Member Organization for Poland.

These events not only showcase athletic prowess but also embody Virtus’ dedication to creating a more inclusive and accessible world of sports.

2024 European Winter Games

2022 OA Games

2022 European games

2018 European games