The Virtus Awards

The Awards were established in 2015 to recognise the outstanding achievements of athletes with an intellectual impairment and the people that support them. In 2019 a new award – Best Team – was introduced.

The Best Female Athlete

The Best Male Athlete

Unsung Hero Award

Best Team

2019 Winner : Valeria Shabalina (Russia)

2019 Winner : Sandro Baessa (POR)

2019 Winner : Mario Dias (Portugal)


2019 Winner: Portuguese National Basketball Team

2017 Winner : Barbara Niewiedział (Poland)

2017 Winner : Lenine Cunha (Portugal)

2017 Winner : Antonio Sampaio Maia (Portugal)

2015 Winner : Ka Man Wong (Hong Kong)

Bob Price_133x200

2015 Winner : Wai Lok Tang (Hong Kong)

Mulder J.

2015 Winner : Paul Burns MBE (Great Britain)


Bernard Atha