Virtus: World Intellectual Impairment Sport is the International Federation for intellectual impairment sport. We manage 14 sports and also work with other International Federations to organise competitions, classification and eligibility for athletes all around the world.

To ensure competition is fair and equal, disability sport uses a system of ‘classification’. Classification ensures that athletes in competition have a recognised disability or ”impairment’ and that this impairment has an impact on their sports performance. 

Virtus: World Intellectual Impairment Sport defines and manages the primary eligibility process for sport for athletes with an intellectual impairment globally.

Virtus: World Intellectual Impairment Sport has produced a guide to eligibility and classification :

Download the guide 

World and Regional Championships

World Intellectual Impairment Sport is responsible for organising the recognised World and Regional (Continental) Championships for athletes with an intellectual disability in 11 sports, and each year there are more than 8 championships across the World, depending upon  the cycle within the sport.

Championships allow the worlds best athletes with an intellectual disability to compete against each other. In most sports, World Intellectual Impairment Sport also maintains records and rankings based on these performances.

Global Games

The Global Games take place every 4 years and feature competition in 7 sports. More than 800 competitors participate making this the Worlds largest events for elite athletes with an intellectual disability.

Other Sanctioned Events

World Intellectual Impairment Sport sanctions a number of events around the World each year including national championships and competitions that promote sport for athletes with an intellectual disability. Sanctioned events will appear in the events calendar.

For more information about World Intellectual Impairment Sport Events and Competition, visit the Events pages.

In 2004, World Intellectual Impairment Sport adopted the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) Code as the basis for the fight against doping in sport.

Each year we manage a programme of in-competition and out-of-competion testing (conducting around 25 tests each year), therapeutic use exemption for competition purposes, and results management.

Virtus: World Intellectual Impairment Sport works with sports organisations globally to promote the inclusion of athletes with an intellectual disability. Approximately 2% of the population are thought to have an intellectual disability and this can limit opportunities to participate and enjoy sport. World Intellectual Impairment Sport delivers workshops, training sessions and conference presentations to raise awareness and increase understanding.