With support from the British Psychological Society, Virtus: World Intellectual Impairment Sport has developed a series of educational resources to help understanding of the process of athlete classification.

Paralympic classification of elite athletes with intellectual Impairments
This short video will tell you the inspiring story of how athletes with intellectual disabilities have re-joined the Paralympics for London 2012. You will hear from athletes, the British Head Coach and Team Manager, the Chief Executive of the UK Sports Association and the Head of Eligibility for Virtus: World Intellectual Impairment Sport. They discuss what is involved to become eligible to compete on this world stage, and the anticipated legacies of London 2012 for athletes with intellectual impairments.

Psychology and the Paralympics

This short film examines the role of the classifier for athletes with intellectual impairments. Jennifer Maris is a trainee clinical psychologist and she recently volunteered to use her psychological skills to help the classification process. Here she describes what this means, what’s involved and the exciting opportunities and challenges this has opened up for her.


Introduction to eligibility and classification

This presentation discusses the primary eligibility process and sports classification for athletes with an intellectual disability

The sports classification cognitive test

This presentation talks in more detail about the computer tests used as part of the classification process.